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Fibber McGee & Molly was a highly popular, long-running comedy series broadcast from 1935 to 1959. It stood the test of time and the ebb and flow of American popular culture to become one of the most loved and important shows of the radio era. Jim and Marian Jordan played themselves as a fun-loving couple Fibber and Molly in this family situation comedy. As the Jordans were veteran performers in theater, there was music and songs interspersed throughout the show.

The series centered around many challenges encountering the men and women in America during WWII, such as gas and meat rationing, buying bonds, and rubber conservation. Like Bob Hope, Fibber and Molly played their patriotic parts through their show. The series relied heavily on the couple's blunders, gags, and Irish homespun humor.

McGee was portrayed as a good-hearted yet error-prone Everyman who's constantly in need to be set straight by his wife and his neighbors in their close-knit community. None of the show's many running gags was as memorable as "the Closet." McGee was frequently heard saying, "I gotta get that closet cleaned out one of these days . . . " Sure enough, one of these days never arrived. Indeed, Fibber McGee's "closet" has become synonymous with household clutter in American idioms.

There are 680 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Christmas Shopping December 9, 1935
New Year's Celebration December 30, 1935
The McGees Win Wistful Vista August 26, 1935
The Motorcycle Cop The Judge And Fibber April 16, 1935
Hot Dogs And A Blowout April 30, 1935
First Broadcast April 9, 1935
Anything To Get Out Of Scrubbing The Back Porch September 23, 1935
A Dip-In-The-Ocean July 15, 1935
The Encyclopedia Salesman March 2, 1936
Master Of The Kennel January 13, 1936
The Employment Agency June 22, 1936
The Haircut May 4, 1936
Preparing To Leave For Hollywood April 26, 1937
Human-Canonball June 28, 1937
Getting Out Of The Hollywood Lease July 5, 1937
The Auto Show October 11, 1937
McGee Builds A Fire Place February 7, 1938
The Pawn Broker-fragment March 7, 1938
McGee Minds A Baby January 24, 1938
Mcgee The Artist June 7, 1938
Acting Mayor Mcgee December 27, 1938
To The Masquerade In A Convicts Suit November 29, 1938
Zither Lessons May 16, 1939
McGee Gets Glasses April 25, 1939
Stork-Parrot Mix-Up May 23, 1939

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